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Civil Law 

Civil law is a field of law that regulates private property, family and personal relationships based on equality of persons.

Law company „LEGAL RIGHTS GEORGIA“ offers you legal services in all fields of civil law 

Business law

We provide disputes arising from entrepreneurial activities for legal entities.
(Local or/and International)

One of the most important elements of the service is the participation in the following business disputes and transactions:

  • Purchase of enterprise / shares;
  • International investment transaction;
  • Commercial real estate transaction;
  • Transaction of state tender proposal of the company;
  • Building Friendly Transactions.
Corporation - entrepreneurial law

We offer: business entities (limited liability companies, joint stock companies, joint and several liability, partnership, cooperative, sole proprietorship, partnership and entrepreneurial (non-commercial) legal entities) for the first registration, registration of changes, reorganization Performance bass, branches, including branches of foreign enterprise registration, enterprise re-domiciling.
We will also assist you in organizing the organizational-legal form of the company and corporate structure of the company. To conduct business deals, you will have legal advice and analyze your legal problem in order to conclude a contract for entrepreneurial entrepreneurs.

Contractual Law

We will protect your rights from disputes arising from contractual relations. We also offer you to prepare all kinds of agreements related to real and movable items, rights and requirements, legal inspection, settlement of disputes arising from them (loan, purchase, exchange, rent, rent, lease, lease, franchise, liabilities, mortgage, margin, brokerage, Surrender, surrender, and others).

Labour Law

Labor Law is a special law of private law, which regulates the relationship between employer and employee. The disputes arising from labor relations offer representation in common courts: the service is restored, the compensation, the remuneration of the unpaid salaries, etc.

Liability Law

We offer legal services on contractual and lawful obligations (shared rights, execution of others without assignments, unfounded enrichment, delays caused by violations (material and moral damage).

Asset Law

The following types of services are available for purchase and alienation of real estate: legal advice; Preparation of real estate contracts; Signing up and registering them in public registry; Conduct legal assessment of property acquired in favor of investors; Presenting customer’s interests in privatization process;
as well as help, legitimate possession or use of arbitrary state land ownership interest related to the recognition procedures of the application to compile the required evidence and documentation for, the representation of the relevant authorities and other necessary procedures;

Neighborhood Law

We offer you to settle disputes based on neighboring relations, preparation of real estate separation treaties and registering them in their respective authenticity, representation in courts, third parties.

Family Law

Offer the following services related to Family Law: Make a Wedding Contract; Protection of rights in the disputes between the spouses and individual and common property; Divorce, parental right, restriction of parental rights, impairment of alimony, decrease and increase of amount of alimony and compile suits related to other family affairs, collection of evidence, representation in court, protection of the party’s personal and property rights;

Hereditary Law

We will assist you in solving issues related to the acquisition of estate property: present in common courts; You will have a consultation on legal issues related to drawing up a will; In case of disputes between the heirs we will defend the interests of the user; Defend the legitimate interests of the heirs and other interested persons; We also provide the issues related to execution of the will.

Copyright Law

We provide you with the authorization of copyright, property and personal non-property rights of the author, copyright owner, other copyrights, as well as protection of their neighboring rights and compensation for damages caused by their breach. Also, we will assist you in creating and concluding a contract related to the creation of copyright and author’s property rights (creation of special and conventional license agreements).

Enforcement Law

Provide legal services in the process of execution of a valid legal decision by the Court, representation in the relevant service of the Enforcement Bureau and representation in the auctions for the purposes of enforcement.